Wonder upRising Authors

About the Authors

Carol Delmonico RN (left) is a compassionate disruptor of the status quo. She is a visionary soulology coach and mama of two. Carol is all about cultivating wonder, and creating dynamic open-ended questions to explore. She believes igniting our hearts will illuminate our part in creating a world that works for all! You can find her voraciously gobbling up books, laughing, in deep conversation, or meandering through wild spaces.

Casey Davis (right) is a mother, a designer, and a community advocate who is constantly reimagining the world around her. A cultural questioner, she seeks out work and projects that create positive environmental and social impact. She enjoys working collaboratively on inventive and diverse teams to envision and create a world where everyone has equal opportunity to thrive. Casey is passionate about transforming the future using community, design, compassion and reverence for the more than human world as her guiding forces.

About the Workbook

Wonder UpRising: Self & World Edition

Designed to ignite the profound inner wisdom that resides in each of us, the Wonder upRising: Self & World workbook is transformative when used as a personal practice, with a partner, with a group, and with family members. There are no right or wrong answers. This is a journey, after all, and no two are alike. Along the way lies the potential to develop the capacity to see in a new way – one that holds both you and the world around you with greater awareness and care.

2020 HDESD Wonder upRising

High Desert ESD is proud to continue our EDI work as an organization and provide as many tools possible. With that, we have decided to offer everyone a Wonder upRising journal to continue this work personally. If you haven’t participated before, join us now, this is open to everyone  Workbooks must be ordered by August 11 and can be picked up August 25 and 26th. 

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About Wonder upRising

Wonder upRising calls upon us to wonder about and question the world around us, our collective values and our participation. What’s just? What is our culture telling me? Who wins and who suffers? What role am I playing in this? The journal works to spark curiosity and wonder and asks us to examine our institutions, processes, cultural norms and personal habits around issues of social and environmental justice.
Here are ways that the journal works:

  • It’s a bridge between mindfulness and social justice.
  • It encourages us to look outside ourselves and our own lives.
  • It helps us identify the water we swim in: where we live in the cultural landscape.
  • It helps us process trauma.
  • It expands our thinking and grows our capacity to wonder.
  • It questions our actions, habits and lifestyle.
  • It questions our privilege, our anthropocentrism, and equity in the world.

Author Presentation

The authors, Carol Delmonico RN and Casey Davis, will host a virtual presentation for us on August 27th and on Sept 1st, we will host a virtual “Watch party” were we will see a pre recorded video online about how to use this journal.

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