Thank you for joining us again this week for Paul’s weekly update.

Top reminders:

  • Please keep checking in and connecting with each other.
  • Please contune sharing your questions and celebrations on the Your Voice form.
  • We did add the eerily-prescient song Eternal Summer from The Strokes’ new album, The New Abnormal, to our Work at Home playlist. (you can also see the playlist in the footer of this site)

This week’s recap:

  • Paul recognized a few examples of the creativity and caring that is evident throughout our ESD:
    • Naomi Smith sewing bags for the teachers in our early childhood special education program to use for supplies and resources that are being delivered to families
    • Gabriela Peden and Erin Taylor, coordinating food deliveries for families
    • Kimberly Strong creating partnerships with districts and local book stores to get books in the hands of our students
    • Members of Team reConnect and Kendra Coates leading mindfulness practice throughout this month 
    • Virtual Wellness Circles being nurtured by our Culture of Care Team
  • Acknowledgement and reminder of the stress many of our families with children are managing, with first-hand stories of virtual class email overload from our own HDESD parents of school-age children
  • Paul answered questions submitted last week (you can also see the FAQ for the answers):
    • “Considering we will now not be returning back to school for this school year, will we still lose unused PTO from this school year or is there a way we can use it in the upcoming school year?”
    • “How do I submit a request for Language Access services to connect with Spanish speaking families?”
    • “Is the SSA funding stable for next year?”
  • Distance Learning launched this Monday for students and families across the region
  • We stand ready to provide emergency childcare if called to do so
  • HDESD buildings are closed; communicate with your supervisor if you need to make arrangements to pick up supplies
  • Thank you for your flexibility and patience in this time of staying home and saving lives
  • We will see you next Wednesday, April 22, at 9:00 a.m.