Thank you for joining us for Paul’s weekly update.

Top reminders:

What are we learning and what will we hold on to?

As we think about the idea of “getting back to normal”, we’re also working to open our hearts and minds to recognize at least one positive change or opportunity that has come forward during this time for us, our students and/or our families. Something we would like to hold on to — even when things start looking more familiar again.

Paul has enjoyed having more opportunities to connect quickly and efficiently. Before, he tried to visit programs a few times a year. The increased use of technology has made it possible for him to interact with some of us more in the last 2 months than in the previous 2 years. He hopes to hold on to a permanent change to interact/see each other more, even if only virtually.

He also feels excited that we’re doing these things and wants to keep them going:

  • learning more about each other andhow we serve children and families
  • getting innovative with instruction, interaction and collaboration
  • sharing ideas with new partners regularly

We will see you next Wednesday, May 13, at 12:30 p.m.

Resources for Families and Our Team:

  • Family Access Network (FAN) offers support and resources for our students and families and HDESD team members.
  • Thrive Central Oregon has resources for everyone (including individuals without children and seniors)

Many of you can help support students and families through FAN by filling out our MAC survey this Friday. Over ½ Million goes to FAN as a result of this survey that comes to many of your 2-3 times/year. Check your email!


A few bright spots…

Our front line team members from Family Access Network (or FAN program) are walking alongside some of our students and families who face extraordinary circumstances that are even more magnified during this pandemic.

They are going above and beyond to make sure students and families have the basic supplies, resources and support they need during these incredibly challenging times.

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week. We love and appreciate our teachers more than words can say. Take a minute to look at this virtual celebration that our own Deb Pertner has put together. Please reach out to our colleagues who are teachers this week and let them know you’re thinking of them. This is an extraordinarily hard time to be a teacher. 

As we transition out of initial crisis mode, many of us have a strong pull to dream and plan for the future. We’re all leaning on each other with patience and creativity to keep us moving forward and to put kids first.

See you next week!