Thanks for tuning in for Paul’s weekly update.

Top reminders…

  • Take a deep breath as we approach the final 4 weeks of the school year. It feels like we’re starting to settle into a groove.
  • We see Paul’s face every week, now he wants to see ours. Send a selfie with “virtual Paul” next time you tune into a fireside chat. Send it to—since she’s the instigator.
  • Bob Shaw from KTVZ dropped in to the Fireside Chat today. He wanted to say hello and thank us for all we do to support kids and families in Central Oregon. He is a huge champion of education, our HDESD, and the work we do.

An appreciation…

Most of us are navigating the challenges of working from home and trying to put kids first and support families while also caring for others (children, aging parents) and navigating isolation. It’s overwhelming to say the least.

Here’s a poem from our own Kirsten Connelly. She’s a teacher for the visually impaired and brand new to our team from New England, arriving here in the thick of the pandemic. She’s been so gracious to share her story and her poetry with us. Here’s one of her poems that Paul shared:

Dedicated to the Culture of Care & ReConnect Together Morning Mindfulness crews….


I hung my heart on the door.

Turned chaos into a nature Mandala, gently
Tossed into the wellness circle the shape of vulnerability
Made with hands. Love’s lineage watered with truth grows
Strong, the backdrop of which might be The Office, or a Tropical Paradise,
The soundtrack of which are memories, or this Zoom call. Hear it?
Your backyard a wild planet of generosity where
Stones are a labyrinth teaching us boundaries and freedom.
Deliver imperfect wisdom, connect us in this exact moment of
Grace. Thank you, we say.
Thank you.
KKC May 2020

Important update…

Paul talked about how we’re beginning to respond to the economic reality that lies ahead.

Some school districts and ESDs are implementing furloughs through the end of the year to save money for next year to decrease economic shortfalls.

Portland Public Schools is using a federal program to have everyone not work on Fridays (the definition of a furlough), yet still be fully paid with federal stimulus dollars.

HDESD is beginning to explore these options as well, with a critical focus on our core values:

  • Putting kids first
  • Taking care of each other
  • Finding innovative ways to enhance all that we do

We haven’t decided that we are going to use the same strategy as these other districts and ESDs, but Paul is working with the union, our board and our administrators over the next week to discuss options that align with our values.

Stay tuned for more info and stay connected with your supervisor.

Fireside Chat next week is Wednesday, May 20 at 1:00 p.m.