Thanks for tuning in for Paul’s weekly update. This was the second of two weekly updates dedicated to the details of the planned furlough. You can catch up on the basic details in last week’s update.

Key Details…

As I discussed last week, our union and board have been working closely with us to construct a furlough plan that supports our organizational norms to:

  • put kids first;
  • take care of each other; and
  • find an innovative way to minimize the current economic situation’s impact on next year’s programs and staffing.

Please know that a lot of care and time has gone into this planning to minimize impact on students and families in every way possible. 


    The groups and days for full-time and part-time staff are as follows:group 1 and 2 furlough days


    • We can not choose our furlough groups or days…they will be assigned by supervisors.
    • We are each responsible for filling out a 3-page application form through an internal ESD safe and secure platform – you will get an email letting you know how to log in very soon (if you haven’t already)
    • HDESD will file all of our applications with the employment department on our behalf.
    • You do not need to file a second application to access the additional $600/week through the CARES Act…it will be automatically included in your Unemployment benefit.
      If you are receiving income from another source (e.g. a second job) during a furlough day or week, we need to know that (on your application form) – you should know that it may impact the amount of unemployment insurance you receive.
    • On a furlough day, we need you to do nothing work related at all – no emails, no Zooms or calls related to work. If you wonder if it might be work-related, err on the side of assuming it is and don’t do it.

    Our frequently asked questions page is a good place to start if you have follow-up questions. If your question is not there, we encourage you to submit it on the your voice form, so we can answer it and add it to the list. You can also email Rochelle Friend, our CFO, or Jayel Hayden, Director of Human Resources with specific questions. 

    Next Year…

    Now moving onto next year… It’s a complex time as we talk about opening schools in the fall. There are many variables including the economy, the virus and what we’ve learned so far these last few months.

    While ODE has not decided yet what the fall will look like, the state is looking at a number of scenarios for how we may open that range from:

    • Returning in the fall to a relatively “normal” school experience
    • A school experience that incorporates high levels of social distancing by students and staff
    • A hybrid of continued distance learning and in-person small group learning

    These are scenarios that many districts in Oregon—and all around the nation—are reflecting on. And as an ESD, we will have the unique task of aligning with our partner school districts adapting to their needs and decisions. The work ahead will continue to test our ability to adapt and be flexible.

    To help guide our local decision-making, we’re asking you to reflect on what you’ve learned this spring that will help inform fall and beyond. I will be sending out an email tomorrow morning with a link to this staff survey.

    It’s critical that you share your perspectives and needs with us so that our future planning and design is informed by what you have learned.

    Additionally, please know that I plan to host optional fireside chats at least once a month during the summer so you have access to the most current updates and information.


    Lastly, I want to acknowledge the amazing work that’s taken place to date.

    Your dedication and collaboration, the support and collaboration of our association and our board, the incredible work of Rochelle Friend and the business office team.

    There are too many of you to thank every one of you individually, but please know how fortunate I feel to be working with such an extraordinary group of people.

    Thank you and we’ll connect again next week.

    Fireside Chat next week is Wednesday, June 3 at noon.